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Pomery Capital is a Swiss independent asset manager based in Geneva.
At Pomery we help families and entrepreneurs manage their global wealth.
We provide them with tailor-made financial portfolio management and real economy investment solutions.

Key features:

  • Investment experts, working and growing with entrepreneur clients since 1998
  • Proximity and tailor-made services as key principles
  • Robust methodology for proper planning and risk management
  • Dedication to provide excellent service because our success fully relies on our clients’ satisfaction
  • Search for capital preservation and performance
  • Focus on the knowledge of clients’ environment and needs
  • Quick decision taking to continuously adapt portfolios to markets conditions and evolving client needs
  • Action in perfect agreement with clients
  • Independent position towards banks and other services providers: take the best of every institutions

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Pomery Capital is supervised by the OAR-G (Organisme d’AutoRégulation des Gérants de patrimoine / self-regulatory Organisation and is authorized by the FINMA (Autorité fédérale de surveillance des marchés financiers / Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) as a distributor of collective investments schemes. Pomery Capital is affiliated to the GPGP (Groupement Patronal des Gérants de Patrimoine and the CCIG (Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services

Pomery gives a great importance to its IT infrastructure to ensure strong security, efficiency and continuity (

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